Nursing Home & Assisted Living Facility

Hire the leading Nursing Home & Assisted Living Facility medical waste management company

Our wide range of services and scheduling options makes your job as an organization easier than ever. We understand the extra scrutiny your facilities are under from various government agencies, so we have developed a custom approach to handling your medical waste disposal needs.

We will begin with an on-site consultation which involves a waste disposal audit. Once we have an understanding of your facilities needs and we are able to streamline the disposal process. We will make our recommendation for disposal and the frequency of service required.

There are numerous things which are kept in mind by Biosan Disposal such as the types of containers to be used, disposal programs to be maintained, rules and regulations to be followed, how to label the sharps and other containers, how to dispose of the waste and so on. Whatever your needs our methods are easy to use, convenient, and are approved by government agencies.