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Physicians office

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Dental Waste Management

Dental office

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Honest Medical Waste Disposal Services – At Your Doorstep

Biosan Disposal is your local and reliable partner for medical waste disposal.

Here at Biosan Disposal, you are going to find answers to all your medical waste management questions. From our reliable waste disposal pickup services to our innovative approaches practiced, Biosan Disposal can be your leading local partner.We want to meet you. Have one of our medical waste management experts come on site for a free evaluation.

No need to worry about the size of your organization, Biosan Disposal aims to save and provide exceptional service, whether you are a hospital, veterinary clinic, nursing home, dental office, surgery center, clinical research lab, tattoo parlor, funeral home, colleges, universities, or any other place producing medical waste. Let Biosan Disposal do for you what we have done for thousands and that’s save thousands!

Clinic Waste Disposal

Pickup Options For Your Organization

Affordable, reliable and convenient pickup services for medical waste disposal are here at your doorsteps. The best thing is that there are no hidden costs involved. From transportation to the Friendly staff, every service is top notch.

Waste Management Company

Physicians Practices

Providing services for disposal of infectious waste.

Hospital Waste Management


Providing services like disposal of bio medical waste after the diagnosis, treatment, immunization, research activities in order to treat infectivity and toxicity.

Medical Waste Management Service

Emergency Care Clinics

Providing full time disposal management services to get rid of the infectious and toxic chemicals at the emergency care clinics.

Dental Clinic Waste Disposal


Treatment of the hazardous dental waste which has been disposed of improperly and might cause harm to the society and environment.

Lab Waste Disposal

Funeral Homes

Providing services from the disposal of phenol, incisive, sharps, needles, scalpets, equipments, to the proper transportation of the bio medical waste.

Clinical Waste Disposal

Long Term Care Clinics

Management and disposal of potentially hazardous waste streams from the long term care clinics along with their proper transportation.

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About Us

Biosan Disposal was formed by the management of Lincoln Securities Corporation as a further diversification of its service lines. We have identified a specific need in the medical community and offer a locally owned safe, reliable medical waste solution. We are a fully separate corporation with a dedicated staff and dedicated equipment operating under the umbrella of our parent company, which affords us

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